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Shenzhen Yongkaida Technology Co.,LTD created in 2005, the company gathered in the high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen City, Nanshan District, the company has so far been committed to using the most advanced technology to create high-quality brand, product quality and human of service to win customers for a long time uphold the "talent thriving enterprise" concept, vigorously to attract a large number of talents to our company office, management is more strict and efficient known. Companies with "integrity-based, timeless quality, service satisfaction" business philosophy, integrity and first class technology, rich experience for our customers to provide high quality products and good service.

Products for contact and contactless IC card and RFID tag products, the industry focused on the production of Shenzhen Integrated Circuit cards and RFID products, professional manufacturers. The company has printed, laminated, contact packaging, chip packaging and other advanced production lines, while addressing the follow-up play yards, personalize and other auxiliary services; an extension of time with different customer needs Yongkaida accumulated rich production experience to create , while small to large development process starting from nothing and some are a reminder of the Yongkaida people: to advance awareness of quality should be excellent, high quality company will have to survive.
Currently, Yongkaida business network throughout the country, while all around the world in recent years with the industry to actively promote the application of RFID products, domestic and foreign industries the demand for RFID products big increase, the product is widely used in public transport, highways, schools, telecommunications, Internet cafes, shopping malls, logistics, consumer and safety, field identification. Adhering to the quality of survival, integrity and development, backed by the principle of technological innovation in the industry to go before, and will continue to strive to meet the needs of different products from the market, and we look forward to Yongkaida people hand in hand brilliant.

By the quality of survival, relying on the customer service satisfaction.


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