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Non-contact IC card(NXP Mifare Desfire)
Product Description
1 chip Model: NXP Mifare Desfire (do white card, printed card)
2 card features: storage capacity 2048bit (2K) or 4096 bit (4K) or 8192 bit (8K), the operating frequency of 13.56 KHz, reading and writing distance:> 10cm.
3 card process: surface of the plastic sheet printing technology, the use of scratch the surface, wear-resistant processing (UV oil / coating), the exquisite full-color images and text, to increase the card's art, and production of precision, comprehensively improve the card value. Can bronzing, hot silver handle, can be printed signature of, to play convex code, laser code, according to customer requirements of different surface visual effects.
4 packaging materials: PVC, ABS, PET, PETG
5 Typical applications: business card, school management, bus cards, highway, toll, parking, residential management.
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